Who can apply for AMI?

Alliance Medical Indemnity is available exclusively to Alliance Health Group Consultant Members.

How do I become an Alliance Health Group member?

To become an Alliance Health Group Consultant member, contact the team on 0808 178 0724 to arrange a meeting and talk through your practice.

What’s involved in becoming an Alliance Health Group Member?

All of our consultants are peer reviewed and recommended. Prospective members are reviewed by our consultant panel and must be accepted and acknowledged as experts and leaders in the field before gaining admission.

How is an AMI quote calculated?

The premiums are calculated on an analysis of your practice not just your specialism and turnover. Also unlike other indemnifiers which are mutual and cover everyone, AMI will only cover its own peer recommended consultants which essentially will reduce the risk. This is designed to keep premiums appropriate to the individual.

How much cover does Alliance Medical Indemnity provide?

£10,000,000 each and every claim including defence costs and/or £10,000,000 in the aggregate including defence costs.

Can I choose a different level of cover?

Yes. Although we offer £10million as standard, we are aware in certain specialisms you may not require that level of cover. You are able to select a lower level of cover which best suits your practice.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we offer monthly interest free instalments.

Do you provide tail cover?

Yes, we can provide up to 21 years tail cover as standard.

Is there a limit to the number of claims made in a year?

There is no limit to the number of claims, however, the maximum amount that can be claimed in one year is £10,000,000 in the aggregate including defence costs.

What do you cover?

AMI will cover your entire private practice including a medico-legal work that you undertake subject to policy terms and conditions within the United Kingdom. AMI will cover your private work as a whole, not just work that you receive from Alliance Health Group.

What happens in the event of a claim against me?

Once you are aware of a claim against you, a support process is initiated, coordinated by the AMI specialist support team.

If you are concerned about a potential claim, you can use the DAC Beachcroft 24/7 advice service for free specialist support.

The adviser will record the relevant details such as key events, dates, names, etc. and notify your insurance provider where applicable.

You will be given the contact details of those handling your claim should you wish to discuss the case.

The contact will remain with you throughout the lifetime of the case for advice and assistance.