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" We have selected Alliance Health Group as administrators of our private healthcare trust as we believe their unique consultant-led model can deliver value through active claims management and direct access to their network of leading specialists."

Dr. David Roomes - Chief Medical Officer, Rolls-Royce plc.

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We bring simplicity

We are part of the Alliance Health Group, the UK’s largest independent healthcare organisation owned by doctors. Alliance Surgical Corporate Health offers a contemporary approach to employee healthcare and an assurance of quality, clarity and value. A corporate healthcare trust can help keep costs down and eradicate inflation.

Every patient is case managed by a consultant who is an expert in the patient’s sub-speciality, making clinical decisions on their behalf. Our approach to consultant-led care is unique in the UK.

This innovative system of delivery is also a cost effective way to treat patients by placing their care in the hands of medical experts. That’s why large employers can benefit from using Alliance Surgical Corporate Health. We can offer an efficient alternative to Private Medical Insurance by establishing and administering a corporate healthcare trust that meets your needs.


What makes us unique

Consultant Managed Care

Alliance Health Group offers a consultant-led service that is unique in the UK. Rather than leaving treatments in the hands of a third party, our consultant members case manage every single patient. We are the doctor’s doctor and it is our consultants who directly treat your employees and manage cost. This specialist expertise ensures that every case is managed to ensure both quality of care and cost efficiency.


Cost Efficient

At Alliance Surgical Corporate Health, we administer and manage trusts on behalf of our clients. For larger businesses, healthcare trusts can be a more cost effective way to manage your corporate health spend than Private Medical Insurance. Primarily, this is because trusts are not liable for Insurance Premium Tax, which is currently levied at 12%.

Administered Service

Alliance Surgical Corporate Health will manage each case from start to finish. From arranging appointments, to follow ups and aftercare, we are the first point of contact for your employees. We’ll take care of each and every case from start to finish, leaving you to get back to business. There’s no need to worry about the paperwork either, as we’ll administer the plan and manage the fund for you.



At Alliance Surgical Corporate Health, we’ll take good care of your employees for you. Our consultant members are experts in their fields and every patient is triaged directly with a medical professional. Every consultant is audited under our Corporate Charter and Clinical Governance Strategy.


We’ll work with you, address your specific business needs and create a bespoke healthcare package around you. Unlike AXA and Cigna, we’ll never offer you an off the shelf product, because we understand that every business is unique. Just some of the services we can offer include are telephone consultations, Skype consultations and in-office consultations for senior staff. In addition, we can even appoint a senior consultant to your business. They will attend quarterly reviews and run through the figures face-to-face, answering your queries directly. This level of involvement from a qualified medical professional is what makes us different.



By placing clinical decisions in the hands of medical practitioners, quality of care is prioritised and decisions are made on the basis of what’s best for the patient, whilst also managing cost. With years of experience in their relevant specialism or sub specialism, you can rest assured that your employees are in safe hands.

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" In a world where the delivery of private healthcare has become far too complicated, Alliance Health Group brings simplicity.
Cost is one of the key barriers to quality healthcare provision. Alliance Health Group brings a combination of service excellence, the highest possible quality and also measurable value for money.
In a world where the delivery of private healthcare has become far too complicated, Alliance Health Group brings simplicity."

Paul N Howlett - Chairman, Alliance Health Group Corporate Health Limited