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Alliance Medical Indemnity

Welcome to Alliance Medical Indemnity (AMI). Part of the Alliance Health Group, we are the UK’s largest independent healthcare company owned by doctors.

Available exclusively to our network of consultant members, Alliance Medical Indemnity offers doctors, surgeons and consultants working in private practice in the UK tailored medical indemnity.

Alliance Medical Indemnity was created by doctors, for doctors. Owned and run by Alliance Health Group, cover is available only to peer selected and reviewed network of doctors in the UK.

What’s included:


Up to £10m cover available

24 hour hot line

24 legal hotline (clinical specialist)


Fully comprehensive cover

Legal Cover

Highly competitive rates


What’s different about the cover offered by Alliance Medical Indemnity? AMI is only available to members of Alliance Health Group who have been peer reviewed.


The product is exclusive, it is different because it is not a mass market product and can be tailored to each individual. Your premium is calculated on an analysis of your practice, not just your specialism and turnover. This helps to keep premiums appropriate for the individual.

Peace of Mind

The policy will cover your entire private practice. That includes any medico-legal work that you undertake. The Medical Professional Liability policy provided through AMI is not just in place to cover the work that you receive from Alliance Health Group, but will cover your private work in the United Kingdom.

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