Why consider a trust?

Rather than offering an out of the box plan and asking clients to pay an insurance premium, we work in partnership with businesses to establish a trust. From here, we’ll administer and manage the fund and run everything smoothly for you.

Our consultant members, who are specialists in every medical specialism, look after patients directly, manage their care and make decisions based on what’s best for your employees.

Our consultants case manage each claim, ensuring that every decision is made by a medical expert, not a claims handler. This direct approach to healthcare is what makes us unique, and Alliance Surgical Corporate Health clients can be reassured that key decisions on care are being made by a qualified specialist, not an insurance company.

Benefits of Healthcare Trusts

Cost efficient

Large organisations can make cost savings by switching from Private Medical Insurance to a healthcare trust. This is because cost savings can be made on a case by case basis which can be more cost efficient than paying an annual premium. The trust only pays out when a claim for treatment is made, but if the value of these claims is less than the estimate, it can become a more cost effective way to provide healthcare benefits to employees. In addition, the trust has its own bank account and interest accumulated directly benefits your business, not an insurance company.


By working directly with your organisation and getting to know your needs, Alliance Surgical Corporate Health can create a schedule of benefits that can adapt to your needs. For example, we can work together to establish cover for certain conditions whilst restricting cover on others, or to offer different levels of cover for different tiers of staff, resulting in greater control over the fund. Rather than choosing an off the shelf product, you can work with us to create a completely bespoke plan.

Tax efficiencies

Setting up a trust can be more cost effective for organisations that pay a higher Insurance Premium Tax. Because the trust is not provided under an insurance contract, the claims fund is not liable to Insurance Premium Tax, currently standing at 9.5%, which could save you money. In addition, you’ll also save on the Insurance Levy that insurance companies price within their insured contracts.

More control

By administering a fund, decisions can be made independently on a case by case basis without relying on an insurance company to make choices on your behalf. Our consultant members are experienced at making decisions that are efficient, without compromising on patient care.

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Register your interest

What you need to do

Arrange an appointment

After making a call to arrange an appointment with Alliance Surgical Corporate Health, we’ll sit down with your healthcare plan stakeholders to discuss your business and employee needs. A consultant member will also be at this meeting to offer expert guidance and advice on assessing your needs and those of your employees.

Establish your needs

Based on your company size and structure, we can help advise on the make up of the trust to provide optimal care for your employees. Working together, we’ll create a benefits schedule that will get the most for your employees whilst also looking at how the fund is managed and sustained.

Set up a trust

We can help provide the required trust documents, talk to you about stop loss cover and administration fees, and of course decide upon an appropriate claims fund projection based on your requirements. Once the trustees have been appointed and the paperwork is signed, we can then advise you on setting up a separate account for the funds. Once the fund is established and deposits have been made, you’ll be up and running.

We’ll take it from here

From here, we'll take care of the rest. If an employee requires treatment, we’ll be their point of contact and manage everything from booking appointments directly with the consultant, arranging any scans and even take care of aftercare.

Our expert consultant members will take personal care of your employees and their families and manage each case individually. First and foremost, our consultants consider clinical care and ensure each patient is treated appropriately and effectively. They’ll also use their expertise to look at efficiency and ensure your fund is managed with long- term sustainability in mind.

We will administer the trust on your behalf and report back quarterly on performance and expenditure. If your needs change, we can work together to adapt how your fund is administered. Our reports are customised to ensure you have everything you need to present to your stakeholders.