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Our innovative approach to corporate healthcare plans has been designed with the best interest of our clients and their employees in mind.

Every single patient claim is triaged directly with a consultant member of Alliance Surgical Corporate Health. This is to ensure that all referrals are treated by a clinically appropriate, sub-specialty consultant and that all decisions regarding patient care are made by the consultants and surgeons in charge of their treatment.

We are not an insurance company and we do not offer an inappropriate uniformed benefit schedule. After reviewing a prospective client’s existing plan and claiming patterns, our medical experts will present to you ways in which we can both improve upon the current provision and how we can control claims costs more effectively.

We operate our employee private medical expense plans under a self insured healthcare trust arrangement which allows us to be far more flexible in terms of the design of the plan. In addition our clients can benefit from not having to pay Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) which is an immediate substantial saving on plan costs.

We add value to our clients through:

Improving Healthcare

Our Medical Directorate ensure excellence and probity. Every patient is treated under our Corporate Charter and Clinical Governance Strategy and has been subject to a full clinical audit.

Bespoke Medical Plan Design

Based on clinical expert advice and guidance we will recommend the most suitable medical benefit design ensuring quality healthcare provision whilst reducing the claims cost. This approach ensures every client of Alliance Surgical Corporate Health has a unique medical plan tailored to their own needs.

Superior Case Management

It is common practice for medical insurers to case manage only a few high cost areas of the plan (cancer, psychiatric, coronary). Due to our superior medical expertise we are able to case manage every medical condition ensuring correct treatment pathways are followed and claims costs are controlled.

Absence Management

We are the only provider of employee medical plans who is able to have the treating consultant interact with our clients on cases where they need assistance in determining the employees return to work status and workplace requirements.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide a team of business professionals and medical consultants to oversee all of our clients on a day-to-day basis. We are unique in our ability to utilise our medical professionals to review claim data and offer expert medical opinion.

Prompt Diagnosis and Treatment

We are the best placed provider to ensure waiting times around referrals and treatment are kept to an absolute minimum on all cases. Not only is this hugely beneficial to the patient, it also reduces ill-health related absences from work.

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